January 06, 2009

this is a doll in progress , it's going to be a native american girl. she will be 4' feet tall. its not done yet but i'll post more pictures soon

December 10, 2008

My Christmas cloth doll is finished

A week ago I felt inspired and wanted to do something for christmas. I found a little basket and decided to do something with it. So I decided it will be my art dolls prop.
so she is holding this basket with flowers I had. I added glitter to the flowers and then started working with the doll
the whole doll is handmade and original. The fabric I used for the body is cotton muslin. and for the clothes I used this pure wool cinsa. I like how the doll came out. It's very pretty. I'm selling it on my Etsy shop and I will be selling it with the stand. She can be sitting down also.

Happy Holidays!

October 10, 2008

my hanmade fall cats

country style watermelon doll

This doll has the nose and mouth needle sculpted, the eyes were painted with acrylic fabric paint. The doll represents Fall and the colors of autumn. I also made cats with these kinds of color. I will sell some of these hanmade cloth dolls and crafts like my cats on my etsy shop.
Each handmade doll someone makes is unique. Something that you make with care and attention is more meaningful than something that you buy in a store.